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Bina Rekayasa Anugrah was established based on Deed of Incorporation No. 18 and Decree from the Ministry of Justice of Indonesia No. AHU-0053442.AH.01.01.TAHUN 2017, as a full-fledged corporation with business activities including Engineering, Procurement, and Construction.

Experience and expertise in those fields are applied into developing a system which regulates process of designing, managing, and executing projects dynamically, effectively, and efficiently through utilization of technological developments over aspects of construction up to information which have been several key factors towards an ideal project management.

Our Services

Bina Rekayasa Anugrah acts as a center for integrated service for requirements fulfillment over engineering,procurement, and contruction over all kinds of development needs

Master Planning

Master Planning is a critical aspect of many design and construction projects, especially those that will have a significant long-term impact on the institution or facility where the work is being done.

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Concept Design

Our consultation team will conduct site appraisals or survey that may be necessary as a result of the detailed requirements of the project brief.

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Detailed Engineering Design

Bina Rekayasa Anugrah’s Detailed Engineering Design covers all aspects of design, from processing, mechanical, civil, geotechnical, layout, piping, architectural, structural, eletrical, and instrumentation and controls.

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Development Management

Bina Rekayasa Anugrah provides the management of the design development and the documentation required to deliver the masterplan and final costings for each project

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Construction Management

Bina Rekayasa Anugrah’s Construction Management uses project management techniques to manage the planning, design, and construction of a project

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About Us

PT. Bina Rekayasa Anugrah

Bina Rekayasa Anugrah was established as a solution provider for every challenge and needs in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction by applying knowledge, scientific methods, and cutting-edge technology with utmost precision, collaborating with local and international engineering, construction, and manufacture consultant firm and institutions

Why Choose Us


To become an outstanding company in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction industry in Indonesia by consistently completing projects both from the aspect of quality and satisfactory provided by empowering skilled labor and experts


Presenting the best working result in planning, designing, procurement, and construction. Empowering professional experts, focus to commitments over integrity, quality, and effectivity of expense allocation to provide consumer satisfaction

Established as a solution provider

Lastest News

September 2, 2021
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Turut Serta Dalam Pembangunan JTTS, PT Bina Rekayasa Anugrah Berdayakan Masyarakat Lokal

  PT Hutama Karya menjadi perusahaan yang diberi amanat dari pemerintah untuk mengerjakan proyek...

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September 1, 2021
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Pengerjaan Proyek Tol Trans Sumatra Terus Digesa, Libatkan Mitra Lokal

PEKANBARU (RIAUPOS.CO) – Jalan Tol Trans-Sumatera (JTTS) yang akan menghubungkan Provinsi Lampung hingga ke...

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August 30, 2021
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Belajar ke PT Bina Rekayasa Anugrah Sebagai Perusahaan Lokal Mitra Hutama Karya Bangun Jalan Tol

PEKANBARU, LIPO – Proyek JTTS (Jalan Tol Trans-Sumatera) merupakan salah satu proyek strategis nasional dengan...

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